25 Kg Coco- Peat Bale

Coco peat 25Kg Bales specially designed as a convenient product for commercial growth such as farms, potting mixtures, landscaping, and seed generation and also used in Golf course settings for soil conditioner as well. Due to its low compression ratio, it is easy to handle and easy to break.

25 kg Coco peat / Coco peat bale has a moisture content between   35-45% and It can be provided in printed or unprinted poly bags and furthermore, we can customize the product to meet your exact requirements.


Material : 100% natural coco peat (Particle size and mixing ratio can be change as per the buyer’s requirement.

Moisture : 35  – 45%

E.C :  Can be changed as per Buyer’s requirement

pH : 5.5 – 6.5

Compression Ratio : 2 : 1

Packing As per the buyer’s preference

Weight 25Kg – 28 Kgs

Size 75 x 45 x 30cm

Expand Volume 190 – 200 L

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