Coconut Husks are cut into a size of 1cm to 3cm sizes of tolerance +/- 10%. They are highly recommended for the germination of high value cash crops. Most orchid and cut-flower growers are using coco husk chips as an advanced alternative to bark based growing medium. Coco chips are also used as a mulching agent as well as a soil conditioner. 

Coco Chips are made by cutting Coconut husk into cube-shaped pieces and available in 100% compressed 5Kg bales, Cut fibre + Chips mix 5Kg bales and 25Kg Chips loose bags.


 Moisture content – 15% to 18%

 Sieved between 1mm and 6mm sieve particles below 1mm rejected

Different Sizes : Large Chips, Medium Chips, Small Chips, Shredded Husk Crush

Also available in desired mixed ratio with coco peat.

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