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Coconut Husks are cut into a size of 1cm to 3cm sizes of tolerance +/- 10%. They are highly recommended for the germination of high

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25 Kg Coco- Peat Bale

Coco peat 25Kg Bales specially designed as a convenient product for commercial growth such as farms, potting mixtures, landscaping, and seed generation and also used

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Coir pith Discs

Coir pith Discs are compressed coir pith made for use in pots. Coir pith discs are also made with a hole in the middle to

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Coirpith Briquettes

Coir pith Briquettes are made by compressing coir pith. It is a bio-organic substrate that has very unique characteristics which promotes plant growth exponentially. Ideal

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5Kg Coir Peat Block

Coco peat (coir) brick are 100% compressed coir dust, ideal for small gardens with big gains. Coir pith block is specially designed for commercial nurseries

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Coir disks

What’s Coir disks Coir disks are one of incredible product of ours, which is made up of high quality coir pith compressed to disk. Production

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We can supply coco peat, coco fibres and coco chips in the form of compressed 5kg blocks consisting of 100% coco peat, fibres or chips. Washed, buffered or unwashed. Even if you want a mixture made to order, you can choose to receive it in the form of a compressed block. All you have to do is wet the blocks, at which point they will swell up.


In addition to the blocks, we can also supply coco peat in briquettes. These easy-to-use briquettes are 20 x 10 x 5,5 cm in size and work in the same way as the blocks. When wet, they swell up and their volume increases by about ten times. For example, one briquette provides approximately 8 litres of pure coco peat. You can choose washed, buffered or unwashed coco peat. Briquettes can be individually wrapped if needed.


This special growbag has two layers: a layer of coco chips at the bottom (5-15 mm) and a layer of coco pith at the top where the fine dust is removed. Research and experience show that the double layer growbag ensures optimal growth conditions: fast initial growth after planting, a horizontal rooting through the entire layer and uniform drainage. As such these coir growbags can be optimally controlled and used in various crops: vegetables, flowers and soft fruit like strawberries.

Special products

Potting soil producers are used to mix coco products in their substrates, sometimes to substitute peat, sometimes to improve the characteristics of the potting soil. Dutch Plantin created a new material, especially for this purpose: easy to mix with peat moss and improving the drainage and the air porosity. This Coco-15 is a mix of finer and courser particles and because of the uniformity easy to mix in a homogeneous way so that the total mix has the right structure for good rooting. Coco-15 is produced according to the RHP quality mark (buffered and washed) and is only available through our Dutch factories. Coco-15 in compressed blocks of 5 kg — in washed quality — will be available (in limited capacity) in the course of this year, directly from our factories in India.